Stamps from Canada and the Netherlands

Not long ago, I received a few colourful Canadian and Netherlands stamps, some of which are related to my stamp collecting theme of sports and nature. These stamps certainly show the heritage of the countries. Of course, many thanks to Alicia for the stamps and scan.

Postage Prepaid Envelope: Starfish

On 7 July 2010, Singapore Post issued the Seashore – Starfish postage prepaid envelope. These envelopes can be purchased at post offices and use them to send letters of up to 20 g to local addresses. These prepaid envelopes can be purchased either in a bundle of 10 for S$3.50 or for 40 cents each, […]

Singapore Food Festival 2010

It’s the time of the year for the annual Singapore Food Festival held at Clarke Quay. Singapore Post will be setting up a booth there for the third year running. Although there is no stamp issue to commemorate the Festival, there are two different cachets offered, one for each weekend: 16 to 18 July and […]

Flora & Fauna Definitives 2010

The Flora and Fauna definitive stamps were first issued in 2007, consisting of 14 denominations ranging from 5 cents to $10. Last year, another two 1st Local stamps featuring the Pigeon Orchid and the Blue Pea Vine were introduced.Today, Singapore Post released two new stamps featuring the Simpoh Air and the Singapore Rhododendron. These flowers […]

Know 10 Trees

Trees have a high level of importance in nature. Every day, trees are used to identify landmarks, provide shade, act as dust filter, prevent soil erosion and are habitats for various animals under their foliage. Trees are found almost everywhere in the garden city of Singapore, including parks, neighbourhoods and even along highways. On 26 […]

Prepaid Envelope: Gardens of Singapore

On 15 April 1994, Singapore Post issued the Gardens of Singapore prepaid envelope. Available in two different sizes, DL and C6, these envelopes can be used to send letters of up to 20 g to local addresses. Consumers may purchase these envelopes for convenience, since they save time on affixing a postage stamp. Next, if […]

The Successful Olympic Bid

With a total of 204000 visitors on the opening day, the Shanghai World Expo Park was flooded by huge crowds. Visitors to the park have started queuing up early in the morning for safety checks before entering. Visiting the Shanghai World Expo Park was similar to a tour around the globe. The 2010 Shanghai World […]

Expo 2010 Shanghai China

Takes a break from the live satellite broadcast of the opening ceremony Recently, I have received a postcard from China featuring the postmark of the Expo 2010 Shanghai China. The logo represents the Chinese character ‘shi’, which is drawn to look like three people standing together with the year 2010 underneath. Commonly known as Expo […]

Nature Series: Butterflies

A stamp issue featuring butterflies was released today, as part of the nature series. Designed by Nicodemus Loh F C, four butterflies found in Singapore are featured in this stamp issue. Butterflies are more active during the warmer part of the day and can be easily spotted in different places, including gardens, grasslands and wildlife […]