Two Triangles

Recently, small triangles have appeared on the reverse of the $1000 Singapore banknote, in addition to the square dots spotted on other denominations. This security feature was added in early 2009, but its purpose is not revealed to the public. The two triangles are found below the word ‘Government’ on the reverse. Today, many collectors […]


On 9 March 2010, SingPost released the stamp issue on Playgrounds. With a cartoon inspired illustration, six of the most popular playgrounds in Singapore are printed on the stamps. “Ask anyone in Singapore and they will be able to recall fond memories of fun times at the playground as a child. Playgrounds are important places […]

Postcard: Beijing 2008

This week, we feature a postcard showing a bird’s eye view of the Beijing Olympic Green. On the left side is the Beijing National Stadium, colloquially known as the Bird’s Nest. With a construction cost of US$423 million, the 80,000-seater stadium is the world’s largest steel structure. This postcard also shows the Beijing National Aquatics […]