Sushi Maker

Sushi Roller

How to Make a SushiMachines are really getting more and more creative today. Even simple machines such as a sushi roller can be created! Apart from the traditional style of rolling sushi with the bamboo mat, this machine can produce the same tasty sushi. Simply load with short-grain Japanese rice (or any other types of rice that is available), add some ingredients such as cucumber or tuna, then adding more rice, pull the level like a jackpot machine, then finally winding a piece of seaweed in. Release the lever and in front of you is a perfectly round sushi roll.

This masterpiece was designed by Osko+Deichmann from Germany, and will be on showcase at the Kitchen Ecology Exhibition in Los Angeles coming June. Perhaps, with this simple yet innovative machine, many of us can prepare sushi at a faster rate than using a bamboo mat, but it is not necessarily the case for shops selling sushi. Currently, The Restaurant does not have any plans to get such a machine as of yet!