Send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world. That is the tagline for the Postcrossing project. Their website was launched in July 2005 to allow members to send and receive physical postcards from different parts of the world. Countries with the highest amount of Postcrossers include the […]

World Games 2009

One of my collector friends has kindly asked another of his friend to send first day covers from the World Games 2009 held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This set of stamp issued on 16 July 2009 is printed on phosphorescent stamp paper.  The 8th World Games is now being held in Kaohsiung from 16 July 2009 […]

Singapore Food Festival 2009

Today marks the start of the Singapore Food Festival 2009. This year, the Food Festival will be held from 17 July to 26 July at Clarke Quay. The first Singapore Food Festival was held in 1994 and is known to be a key local event on the calendar of each year. In Singapore, one can […]

POSB Run for Kids 2009

This morning, I went for the POSB Run for Kids 2009 held in Sengkang. It is a good thing that my house is not too far away. This is the third time I am running in Sengkang this year, At 0630 hours, Alvin and I made our way to Sengkang. On our way there, it […]

Can I Paste the Stamp Anywhere I Like?

Have you ever wondered if it really matters where the stamp is pasted on the envelope? Will they take a longer time to deliver if you pasted it upside down or right in the centre of the envelope? Stamps are conventionally affixed on the top right-hand corner of the envelope, and this has sort of […]

The Botanic Gardens (Part 5)

Continued from Part 4… Some may know that I am one who keeps at least a pen with me in my pocket, often complemented by a mechanical pencil. However, since it was the school holidays, my pen decided to take a break at home before it had to resume work again on the first day […]

The Botanic Gardens (Part 4)

Continued from Part 3…  Half past eleven. The launch had probably ended. My eyes scanned the place for signs of life and spotted the Singapore Post booth located at a corner in the vicinity. I took out my two envelopes with stamps already affixed on it, ready to cancel it with the ‘S1’ postmark which […]

The Botanic Gardens (Part 3)

Continued from Part 2… Upon hearing that I was going for the stamp launch, the staff handed me a map of the Botanic Gardens which unfolded to an A2 sheet. ‘The stamp launch is at Green Pavilion. Just walk straight, turn left, turn right, turn left, blah, blah, blah, and you will arrive at the […]