Festive Postage Rates

From 25 January to 14 February 2010, Singapore Post is offering festive rates for greeting cards of any size, shape or colour. This discounted rate is especially useful when sending greeting cards to other countries. For postage to a local address, the postage fees is 26 cents (up to 20 grams) and 32 cents (up […]

Anniversary Stamp Issue

Today’s new stamp issue features the anniversaries of four organisations: Housing & Development Board (HDB), People’s Association (PA), Singapore Customs (SC) and Singapore Scout Association (SSA). This year, HDB and PA are celebrating their 50th anniversary and are featured on the portrait 50c stamps, while SC and SSA turn 100 and are portrayed on the […]

Post Early this Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner! A pair of lanterns has appeared on the cancellations by the C4 machine, encouraging everyone to post early. Delays in mail delivery are expected due to the larger volume of mail processed every day. From 21 January to 10 February 2010, letters which are randomly sorted […]

An Un-cancelled First Day Cover

For some time, machines have been used the production of pre-cancelled first day covers. From the sticking of stamps to printing the cancellation, these processes have been automated. That also explains why the stamps are always in the correct position, straight and equally spaced. The cancellation is then printed on the stamps by a machine. […]

Latest $50 Banknotes

Since mid December 2009, news of the new $50 paper banknote of the Portrait Series has been spreading, just weeks after the new $100 paper banknotes were introduced. The new banknote carries the signature of Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Similar to other new notes issued from 2007, […]

Cancellation Machine C8

The semi-mysterious C8 cancellation machine returns once again. It was previously mentioned that the C8 machine was used to cancel C4 sized (229 mm × 324 mm) envelopes containing printed matter. This is evident from the large number of C4 sized envelopes received over the past three years bearing the C8 cancellation mark. However, it […]

Wall Calendar

Here is my wall calendar for 2010. Orange,  black and grey were the colours used for this year’s calendar design. The orange numeral ‘2010’ which cuts through numbers indicate Sundays. Public holidays are also indicated on the calendar.

Happy 2010!

Three… two… one… Happy New Year! The year 2009 had ended with a blue moon (second full moon of the month), for people in many countries. Since there was no blue moon in Asia and Australia on New Year’s Eve, look forward to the blue moon at the end of the month! Have a great […]