Festive Postage Rates

From 25 January to 14 February 2010, Singapore Post is offering festive rates for greeting cards of any size, shape or colour. This discounted rate is especially useful when sending greeting cards to other countries.

For postage to a local address, the postage fees is 26 cents (up to 20 grams) and 32 cents (up to 40 grams) respectively. Wait, isn’t this the usual rates? True, but not exactly. Now, cards with creative designs can also be sent. For example, posting a red square envelope would require a postage of 50 cents due to its non-standard nature. Now, it only costs 26 cents, provided that the weight does not exceed 20 grams.

For Malaysia and Brunei, the festive rate for a greeting card is 45 cents (up to 20 grams) and 55 cents (up to 50 grams) respectively. For all other countries in the world, the festive rate is 55 cents for a weight of up to 40 grams. The usual rates for sending a card of weight up to 20 grams range from 65 cents to $1.10, depending on the destination. Every additional 10 grams ranges from an extra charge of 25 cents to 35 cents respectively.

If you would like to send or exchange a greeting card, simply drop me an email or send a card to Tan Wei Jie, VBox 887977, Singapore.