National Anthem Lyrics on the $1000 Note

The entire lyrics of the Singapore national anthem are printed on the back of the $1000 Portrait series banknote in microprint.¬†For all other denominations, only the words Majulah Singapura is used. ‘Majulah Singapura’ is Singapore’s national anthem. Written in the official language of Malay, it is translated as ‘Onward Singapore’. The national anthem of Singapore […]

Flora & Fauna Definitives 2010

The Flora and Fauna definitive stamps were first issued in 2007, consisting of 14 denominations ranging from 5 cents to $10. Last year, another two 1st Local stamps featuring the Pigeon Orchid and the Blue Pea Vine were introduced.Today, Singapore Post released two new stamps featuring the Simpoh Air and the Singapore Rhododendron. These flowers […]

Mizuno Mount Faber Run 2010

This morning, I went for the Mizuno Mount Faber Run and completed this run in a net time of approximately 51:29. Generally, this 10-kilometre route comprised several uphill and downhill terrains. Hence, it was much different from those conducted in the heartlands or in the highly popular East Coast Park. Running among the greenery under […]