$2 Note with Three Hollow Stars

A new symbol of three hollow stars has been observed on the Singapore $2 Portrait Series circulation banknote. These banknotes have serial numbers starting with the digit ‘6’, which have various ‘star’ symbols featured on the reverse side.

If you have information about the prefixes for the three hollow stars symbol, please let us know.

Since 2016, six different ‘star’ symbols have been observed on the $2 polymer notes. As of January 2020, the symbols are one star, two stars, three stars, one hollow star, two hollow stars and three hollow stars.

In early 2019, limited pieces of $2 notes with a house symbol on the reverse have been observed in circulation. These banknotes bear serial numbers starting with the digit ‘7’. This could have meant that prefix ‘6’ would finally come to an end, but it seems that more prefixes are still being released during the banknote exchange period ahead of the 2020 Chinese New Year.

Singapore $2 Portrait Series Banknote Symbols

There are currently 13 different symbols for the Singapore $2 Portrait Series notes:

  1. One Square
  2. Two Squares
  3. One Triangle
  4. Two Triangles
  5. One Diamond
  6. Two Diamonds
  7. One Star
  8. Two Stars
  9. Three Stars
  10. One Hollow Star
  11. Two Hollow Stars
  12. Three Hollow Stars
  13. One House

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