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Hi Wei Jie, I saw a post of yours in 2009 about the (then) new mrt map brochure which you collected. May I know if you had regularly collected such brochures, and if you had map brochures from even before 2009. Thanks!

Vivian Ching: Thank you for dropping by. I have some older maps from earlier than 2009, but changes between map versions were quite spaced out back then. In recent years, new MRT stations have been added to the map whenever they open every year or two. With the opening of three stations along the Thomson-East Coast line on 31 January 2020, the new printed map (with a circular Circle Line) could be made available. Keep a look out for that!

Hi Wei Jie, thanks so much for getting back! I am working on an exhibition and am trying to source for physical old MRT maps that I can display. Do you think you could take pictures of the maps you have and share with me via email? (that is if you would consider loaning us the maps if we want them) If you have the year of the maps, that’d be even better!

I look forward to hearing from you again!

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