$10 Note with Two Inverted Triangles

Two inverted triangles have been observed on the Singapore $10 Portrait Series banknote in January 2020. The polymer banknote features the symbol on its reverse side, below the word ‘Sports’ on the bottom left corner of the note.

The banknotes have serial numbers starting with the digit ‘6’, similar to those featuring a single inverted triangle on the reverse side. These circulation notes bear the signature of Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

To date, the $10 note has seen 13 different symbols:

  1. One Square
  2. Two Squares
  3. One Triangle
  4. Two Triangles
  5. One Diamond
  6. Two Diamonds
  7. One Star
  8. One House
  9. Two Houses
  10. One Hollow House
  11. Two Hollow Houses
  12. One Inverted Triangle
  13. Two Inverted Triangles

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Tz: Thank you for sharing, let me try and get hold of a good piece and write something on it soon. Seems like there are not many pieces out there in circulation yet. The serial number for the $10 polymer banknote with one hollow square starts with the digit 7.

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