Chinese New Year Postcard

Today is the fifteenth and last day of Chinese New Year, as well as the last day of February. Families usually celebrate this special day by eating glutinous rice balls, commonly known as Tangyuan. Every year, China Post would issue postcards for the Chinese New Year. Also known as lottery New Year postcards, each of […]

Destination Singapore

On 22 February 2010, Singapore Post has released a new Self-service Automated Machine (SAM) label design on the theme ‘Destination Singapore’. The labels will first be made available at the machines in the Singapore Post Centre branch, S151 and S712. The cover above was sent by Terence Wong, showing both the old and new label. […]

1991 Uncirculated Coin Set

The latest addition to my collection is the New 1991 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Set. This set was issued on 29 October 1991 with a mintage of 70,000 sets. In that year, a new aluminium-bronze $5 coin was also introduced as part of the uncirculated coin set. The $5 coin was issued in 1990 to commemorate […]

Beijing 2008 Commemorative Note

A special commemorative banknote was issued by the Bank of China (Hong Kong) a month before the 2008 Beijing Olympics (XXIX Olympiad). A total of four million pieces of HK$20 Olympic banknotes were printed. Since there were multiple-in-one packages, there were only 3.14 million items available for sale, of which 2.93 million of these items […]

Year of the Tiger 2010

Today, we welcome the Year of the Tiger (as well as Valentine’s Day). People around the world celebrate the first day of Chinese New Year, one of the most significant dates on the Lunar calendar. The Tiger is the third of the 12-animal Chinese zodiac. This is the year of the Metal Tiger, which lasts […]


Last month, Singapore Post gave its customers a Freepost envelope, similar to a postage prepaid envelope. This means that the postage to any local address is free. This C5 sized envelope is valid for postage up to 40 grams. On the back, there are different advertisement designs featuring the services provided by Singapore Post. However, […]

Chinese New Year Rush

With less than two weeks left to the Lunar New Year, banks around Singapore (and perhaps other parts of the world) have been flooded with people, mostly to exchange for new notes. The use of new notes for the New Year symbolises a new beginning. Pieces of mint-fresh paper money fill up the red packets […]