Latest $50 Banknotes

Since mid December 2009, news of the new $50 paper banknote of the Portrait Series has been spreading, just weeks after the new $100 paper banknotes were introduced. The new banknote carries the signature of Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Similar to other new notes issued from 2007, there is an additional square dot printed below the word ‘Arts’, for security purposes.

As the Lunar New Year is just a few weeks away, remember to check various banks for the new banknotes. Although I have been many ATMs around the country, I have not seen any of the new $50 notes yet. Here’s the new $50 banknote, with the help of Mr Vincent Tan.

Just like the $100 note, the new $50 banknote is still printed on paper. Even though $100 notes are not used frequently in daily transactions, the $50 note certainly is. I am still trying to get a scan of the new $1000 banknote, which can be identified from its serial number, which starts with the digit 1.

When you come across a new note, simply leave a comment below with the serial number and number of square dots on the reverse, or send an SMS to 8260 7772.

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