On 9 March 2010, SingPost released the stamp issue on Playgrounds. With a cartoon inspired illustration, six of the most popular playgrounds in Singapore are printed on the stamps. “Ask anyone in Singapore and they will be able to recall fond memories of fun times at the playground as a child. Playgrounds are important places […]

Destination Singapore

On 22 February 2010, Singapore Post has released a new Self-service Automated Machine (SAM) label design on the theme ‘Destination Singapore’. The labels will first be made available at the machines in the Singapore Post Centre branch, S151 and S712. The cover above was sent by Terence Wong, showing both the old and new label. […]


Last month, Singapore Post gave its customers a Freepost envelope, similar to a postage prepaid envelope. This means that the postage to any local address is free. This C5 sized envelope is valid for postage up to 40 grams. On the back, there are different advertisement designs featuring the services provided by Singapore Post. However, […]

Anniversary Stamp Issue

Today’s new stamp issue features the anniversaries of four organisations: Housing & Development Board (HDB), People’s Association (PA), Singapore Customs (SC) and Singapore Scout Association (SSA). This year, HDB and PA are celebrating their 50th anniversary and are featured on the portrait 50c stamps, while SC and SSA turn 100 and are portrayed on the […]

Post Early this Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner! A pair of lanterns has appeared on the cancellations by the C4 machine, encouraging everyone to post early. Delays in mail delivery are expected due to the larger volume of mail processed every day. From 21 January to 10 February 2010, letters which are randomly sorted […]

An Un-cancelled First Day Cover

For some time, machines have been used the production of pre-cancelled first day covers. From the sticking of stamps to printing the cancellation, these processes have been automated. That also explains why the stamps are always in the correct position, straight and equally spaced. The cancellation is then printed on the stamps by a machine. […]

Cancellation Machine C8

The semi-mysterious C8 cancellation machine returns once again. It was previously mentioned that the C8 machine was used to cancel C4 sized (229 mm × 324 mm) envelopes containing printed matter. This is evident from the large number of C4 sized envelopes received over the past three years bearing the C8 cancellation mark. However, it […]

A Letter from Sydney

As mentioned in the previous post, postage is comparatively more expensive in Australia. Sending a standard letter to Singapore costs A$1.45 (S$1.80), even though a 7-Eleven cashier claimed that it was $2.10, thinking that Singapore is a country in Europe. Postcards require A$1.40 worth of stamps. However, it seems that one can send a letter […]

The Stained Surprise

While clearing away some things from the back of my cupboard, I came across a torn corner of an envelope postmarked 7 January 2009. It was not the date that caught my eye, but it was the cancellation machine number C10. (Yes, it’s the classic story of finding treasures during spring cleaning.) If you would […]

Annual Stamp Collection 2009

The 2009 Collection of Singapore Stamps has been released today. This coffee-table book contains all the stamps released in the entire year, including issues such as the Flora and Fauna definitives, 150 Years of Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore Food Festival, and APEC 2009. The book can be obtained from any Post Offices or via the […]