Postage Prepaid Envelope: Starfish

On 7 July 2010, Singapore Post issued the Seashore – Starfish postage prepaid envelope. These envelopes can be purchased at post offices and use them to send letters of up to 20 g to local addresses. These prepaid envelopes can be purchased either in a bundle of 10 for S$3.50 or for 40 cents each, a la carte. Designed by Leo Teck Chong, these envelopes provide consumers with added convenience, especially by saving time on affixing a postage stamp.

This is a continuation of the Seashore theme, where a postage prepaid envelope from the same series on Seashells was issued previously. Some time ago, we also featured the Gardens of Singapore prepaid envelope (1994) which is available in two different sizes, DL and C6. It would definitely be great if postage prepaid envelopes were still sold in different dimensions to cater to different needs.