Zimbabwe $100 Trillion Banknote

Two years ago on 16 January 2009, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe announced the printing of the 100 trillion dollar banknote. At the time of announcement, this banknote was worth 300 US dollars, which meant that it would cost 300 billion Zimbabwe dollars for a loaf of bread. Due to the effect of hyperinflation in […]

Comparing $10 Polymer Note: 2004 and 2008 Versions

Today’s article published in The Straits Times entitled ‘Take note: It’s not fake’ pointed out that the ‘lighter-coloured $10 bills are from (the) first polymer batch in 2004’. This was to clarify the existence of such notes with a lighter tone and to urge those in the sales sector to accept them as legal tender. […]

Singapore $50 Banknote with Two Square Dots

And it seems that the Singapore $50 banknote has two square dots on its reverse too, just like the $2, $10, and $100 banknotes. Now, these four denominations come in three different varieties, viz. no dot, one square dot and two square dots. In March, two triangles were spotted on the $1000 banknotes, making the […]

National Anthem Lyrics on the $1000 Note

The entire lyrics of the Singapore national anthem are printed on the back of the $1000 Portrait series banknote in microprint.¬†For all other denominations, only the words Majulah Singapura is used. ‘Majulah Singapura’ is Singapore’s national anthem. Written in the official language of Malay, it is translated as ‘Onward Singapore’. The national anthem of Singapore […]

Two Triangles

Recently, small triangles have appeared on the reverse of the $1000 Singapore banknote, in addition to the square dots spotted on other denominations. This security feature was added in early 2009, but its purpose is not revealed to the public. The two triangles are found below the word ‘Government’ on the reverse. Today, many collectors […]

Beijing 2008 Commemorative Note

A special commemorative banknote was issued by the Bank of China (Hong Kong) a month before the 2008 Beijing Olympics (XXIX Olympiad). A total of four million pieces of HK$20 Olympic banknotes were printed. Since there were multiple-in-one packages, there were only 3.14 million items available for sale, of which 2.93 million of these items […]

Chinese New Year Rush

With less than two weeks left to the Lunar New Year, banks around Singapore (and perhaps other parts of the world) have been flooded with people, mostly to exchange for new notes. The use of new notes for the New Year symbolises a new beginning. Pieces of mint-fresh paper money fill up the red packets […]

Latest $50 Banknotes

Since mid December 2009, news of the new $50 paper banknote of the Portrait Series has been spreading, just weeks after the new $100 paper banknotes were introduced. The new banknote carries the signature of Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Similar to other new notes issued from 2007, […]