Van Harte!

I have no idea what that phrase means, but it is the only text found on this 44 eurocent stamp from the Netherlands that does not scream its origin or its value. The last line ‘aanvang verkoop’ suggested that this stamp was first sold on 22 September 2009.

How do we use this stamp? An illustration above the stamp encourages the sender to use a red pen to colour out the white spaces on the number 88, leaving the number 32. Perhaps any other number will do, but what is the designer trying to portray anyway?

The design concept is certainly unique as it involves some level of interaction. However, this stamp appears to be somewhat a mysterious one, as online searches did not produce any useful results. The article number 291261 did not help either. Those with information on this mystifying stamp could leave a comment below!

This concludes the Three Stamps from the Netherlands series. And it also concludes the relocation of close to 1200 stamps to the new drawer.