August will be a busy month for stamp collectors in Singapore, as there will be three issues in total. On 9 August, a set of seven stamps featuring sculptures will be released National Day. On 14 August, four vibrant stamps will be issued to celebrate the one-year countdown event for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. Finally, there will be a Singapore-Philippines Joint Issue on bridges on 28 August to commemorate the 40th year of Diplomatic relations between the two countries. 

 Sculptures (2009)

The masterpieces of seven sculptors are showcased on the stamps issued on National Day in 2009. The art of sculpture is still very much alive and flourishing in Singapore today. These sculptors have displayed their potential to create monumental pieces that are in tune with the technological age. 

The following works are featured:

  • We’re Happy. Are you Happy? (Mr Teo Eng Seng)
  • Crimson Eagle (Mr Anthony Poon)
  • Art Trees (Ms Han Sai Por)
  • Standing Figure (Mr Wee Beng Chong)
  • Wealth (Dr Ng Eng Teng)
  • Signature (Brother McNally)
  • Nude 2 (Mr Tay Chee Toh)

Happy National Day!

Happy National Day!