C12 and C13 Stamp Cancellation Datestamp

Two new stamp cancelling machines C12 and C13 will be used for the postmarking of mail items with effect from 12 December 2011. Singapore Post has indicated that these cancelling impressions are applied to ‘C5 envelopes with a minimum weight of 50 grams’. However, it is not known if these machines will be used on a daily basis or during the peak season.

On 8 June 2011, SingPost started using the C11 stamp cancelling machine.

C12 is a round datestamp which is rolled onto mail items as they pass through the machine. It is similar to machines C1 to C7, C9 and C11.

C13 is a dot matrix printer which cancels stamps with a double octogon outline. This is the same as two other stamp cancelling machines, C8 and C10. C8 is said to handle C6 envelopes during peak period.

This is the tenth year since SingPost started offering festive postage rates. The rates apply to greeting cards of any size, shape or colour, posted from 4 December to 25 December 2011. The local rate is 26 cents (up to 20 grams) and 32 cents (up to 40 grams), while the overseas rate is 55 cents (up to 40 grams). For Malaysia and Brunei, the weight is up to 50 grams.

Update 12 Dec 2011: 

Here is the first day cancellation for the C12 and C13 stamp cancelling machines.