Registered First Day Cover

Registered First Day Cover - Singapore-Indonesia Joint Issue (2009)

Something that I would have never thought of was to register a first-day cover. On the day when the Singapore-Indonesia Joint Issue was released, I met a few experienced stamp collectors at the post office in Harbourfront Centre after the launch. That was when I realised that it was possible to send a registered mail to myself without having to write my name and mailing address on the first-day cover.

One of the collectors said, ‘The stamps on the first-day cover have already exceeded the amount of postage required for registered mail!’

According to the branch manager Jasmine, many collectors have been registering their first-day covers by affixing a barcode label on the cover. In the past, collectors had to write their own address on the cover in order to send it as a registered mail. Today, there is no need to write the mailing address on the cover. However, the catch is that the item has to be marked as delivered by the post office only on the next working day. The status of the registered article can be tracked online by the registered article number.

Registered Article Information