New C11 Stamp Cancellation Datestamp

Singapore Post will be introducing a new stamp cancelling datestamp from 8 June 2011. In a notice issued on 31 May 2011, the new C11 stamp cancelling will be used for the postmarking of mail items. The design of the stamp is similar to most round datestamps currently used, namely machines C1 to C7 and C9. The occasional octagonal cancellations are made by dot matrix printers C8 and C10.

Currently, there are no known methods of obtaining the C11 cancellation via normal post. On days with normal mail volume, it is observed that cancellations are often made by machines C1 to C4. However, the new cancelling machine is expected to be placed on a trial run, at least on 8 June, to assess its speed. If you would like to be among the first to obtain the C11 cancellation, you may try your luck by dropping a self-addressed envelope into any postbox by 5 pm on 8 June, or 7 pm for any postbox within the Central Business District.