New Balance Real Run 2010

The New Balance Real Run 2010 was held yesterday morning at Changi Coast. The route was similar to that of previous years – 4 kilometres of trail, followed by 7.4 kilometres of road, 600 metres of sand and another 3 kilometres of road.

The 15-kilometre run was completed with a net time of 1:25:07 (PB).

The first four kilometres of trail was quite comfortable, as the weather was neither too hot nor too cold. Up next is a straight stretch of road down Aviation Park Road, followed by a left turn to the Coastal Park Connector. Making an about turn 8.4 kilometres into the run, we headed towards the Changi Beach Park. At the 10-kilometre mark, the time elapsed was still safely under 50 minutes. The indicators for the 10-kilometre and 11-kilometre marks seemed to be placed more than a kilometre apart. Up next was the 600 metres of sand while running along the beach. As we were running parallel to a 15 degree slope, it was not easy to maintain balance. This year, the sand was rather soft compared to last time.

Lastly, my timing for the 10-kilometre Mizuno Wave Run last Sunday was 0:54:48 due to a slow start. Overtaking was almost impossible on the five-foot walkway that lasted the first three kilometres.