High Value Definitives: Pond Life (2011)

A new set of definitive stamps would be introduced in Singapore this year, after the previous Flora and Fauna definitive stamps were released back in 2007.

On 16 February 2011, a set of high-value definitive stamps were released. This set of stamps features the detailed and vivid images of four pond creatures, which is said to ‘give a glimpse beneath the water’s surface of life on a pond’. They include the common tilapia ($1.10), pond wolf spider ($2), water skaters ($5) and water scorpion ($10).

Common Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) is one of the most common Cichlid fish in Singapore. Originally from East Africa, this Cichlid has been introduced to Singapore as a food source by the Japanese during the World War II. Hence, it is better known as “Japanese” fish.

Pond Wolf Spider (Pardosa pseudoannulata) is an agile predator and has good eyesight. This spider belongs to the family Lycosidae. It leads a solitary life and hunts alone. Female wolf spiders can be recognised easily as they move around with a spherical egg-sac attached to their spinnerets.

Water Strider (Neogerris parvulus) is a semi aquatic insect within the Order Hemiptera in the family Gerridae. It lives on the surface of ponds, slow streams, marshes, and other quiet waters. It preys on insects and other small invertebrates on top of or directly below surface using its strong forelegs that end with claws.

Water Scorpion (Laccotrephes simulatus) is an aquatic insect belonging to the family Nepidae. It is an ambush predator. When prey approaches, it will lunge forward and grab it with its powerful forelimbs. It feeds primarily on invertebrates, but occasionally preys on small fish or tadpoles.

A complete set of stamps has a face value of $18.10. The low-value definitive stamps would be released on 13 April 2011.