Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day falls on 22 April every year, with its aim to promote care for the environment and towards our delicate nature. For the 39th time, Earth Day is celebrated by countries from around the world, through different creative methods. For example, several pro-environmental organisations in Singapore are promoting the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Also, many student groups have been found generating and executing innovative ideas to convert such waste materials into more useful products. In support of this special day of the year, The Restaurant has switched off the air conditioning system in its outlets for today, in order to cut down carbon emissions.

Recently, a new compressed natural gas (CNG) refilling station has appeared not far away from The Restaurant. CNG is a better alternative of fuel as compared to diesel or petrol. In addition, this is safer as than other types of fuels if spillages occur, since it contains of mainly methane. In fact, CNG will diffuse very quickly since it is less dense than air. As I travel pass the CNG refilling station almost every day, many vehicles, mostly taxis with the green diamond-shaped CNG label are spotted. One drawback is that it requires a cylinder to be installed in the car and maintained at a pressure of 3000 psi, adding some extra weight and taking up quite a large space in the vehicle.

This post is in green too!